Friday, 9 September 2011


Vann Nath (1946 –– September 5, 2011)
When I was looking in to water boarding some time ago the name of painter and activist Vann Nath came up.

Vann Nath was a Cambodian painter and human rights activist whose memories of his experiences in the infamous Tuol Sleng prison inspired his paintings.
Born in Battambang, Cambodia, he was one of seven survivors of the Khmer Rouge's secret prison known as S-21, where fourteen thousand, women and children were interrogated, tortured and executed during the 1975-79 Pol Pot regime.
For more of his story please visit Vann Nath: Eyewitness to Genocide.


Thomas Haskett said...

There is a feature on Vann Nath on R4's 'Last Word'

Journeyman said...

Thanks for that Tom, the mainstream media Guardian, Independent and Telegraph all carried obituaries, he was very well thought of.

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