Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Hustler.

In Sargent's painting can be seen the irrepressible energy associate with Transatlantic business enterprise of the day, he was a " Hustler " in paint who swept the aristocratic and high society world off it’s feet by the amazing vivacity of his brushwork and by the almost uncanny certainty with which he could set a living being down on canvas.
A vigorous draughtsman, using sweeps of paint with economic mastery, Sargent developed powers of psychological penetration which made him supreme in the rendering of character. Some of his male portraits were so merciless in their unmasking of the real minds of his sitters that they justified the amusing but apt comment of contemporary author Finley Peter Dunne who has his comic character,
" Mr. Dooley " say
" Stand there," he sez, " while I tear the ugly black heart out ay ye."

Lord Ribblesdale detail

Lord Ribblesdale

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