Monday, 18 July 2011

Pochade box.

Thought I would document my oak pochade box today. Pochade has become the name for a small paintbox usually for use outdoors. Pochade is a French word and the early pochade was a simple fold up wooden envelop, the bottom leaf was the palette while the top held a single sheet of canvas taped into the lid. Two strips of wood separate the wet palette from the painted sketch when closed for carrying home. This is still a good solution if you like to sit while painting and has the advantage of being extremely light weight.
For my Box I wanted it to fit on a tripod as I like to stand while painting. It also needed to be self-contained and carry my paint tubes, brushes plus multiple wet painting boards.

The standard camera tripod thread is 1/4" Whitworth so I turned up a bronze bush tapped with a1/4"w thread.

The bush is fitted into the internal oak block which is glued to the back and bottom of the box to form a rigid support with the tripod head.

The four 9"x12" painting boards fit into the groves and are held in place while travelling by the removable top bar.

The top and palette are both secured by the same catch.

More tomorrow, let me know if you want more details of the construction. 


Thomas Haskett said...

Absolutely love it, would be great to see more..

Journeyman said...

Hi Thomas, glad you liked it, is there something in particular you would like to see more of?

jimserrettstudio said...

That is a beautiful piece of woodworking, very interesting design.
I am sure it will be the source of many a great painting experience.

Journeyman said...

Thanks for looking in Jim and signing up to the blog. I see you are rather an expert on pochade boxes, that is a nice design on your site. Also I see many people have built a Serrett Box from your plans that’s very good.

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