Sunday, 8 May 2011

Trois Crayon and Papers

More on the use of Trois Crayon as I said in the earlier post the paper used can be a mid-tone grey, blue, or tan. The paper can either be purchased, most paper companies produce toned papers such as Fabriano Tiziano or Ingres Paper. Canson Mi-teintes is another range of suitable paper.

It is also possible to use a watercolour wash applied to any good quality drawing paper.

Yet another ploy is to use Acrylic Colours to tone Acrylic Gesso which can then be used to paint over old drawings you are not happy with, this gives you a new drawing surface that takes charcoal and chalk well and you are not restricted to the colours the manufacturers supply.

This is a drawing done from life at the Tenby portrait group using a watercolour wash on cheep drawing paper, charcoal, white chalk and lump Sanguine.

There is so much to learn from any Hans Holbein drawing so here is Sir Thomas Elyot for you to peruse.
Sir Thomas was a supporter of the education of women, a radical humanists idea in sixteenth century England.

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